Friday, November 14, 2008

Work is volando!

So work is just flying right now.  We have worked three weeks straight now with the following progress:

1 partially constructed intake works
74 PVC pipes trenched and buried 3 feet deep in the ground~1,460 ft.
2 suspended stream crossings
5 mainline cleanouts installed
8 mainline respirators installed

But we have a long way to go.  The entire project invloves around 14,940 more feet of PVC pipe(about 750 more pipes), three MUCH LARGER suspended river crossings, one of approximately 180 ft., a 4000 gallon storage tank, and 50 separate tapstands.  But things are looking very good right now.  Besides one setback with an airblock that caused us to re-dig the trench in a small area and install another respirator, things have been going to plan.  Generally I think morale is high and everyone is excited to see the water inching closer and closer to their houses every day.  

Also, as you can see on the funding sidebar, we have a couple updates!  We have recieved a check from a Dominican Savings Bank, Banco Ademi, in support of the aqueduct.  This came after a meeting with the 'Jefa' a couple months ago.  I guess the idea was just planted in her head and one day decided she needed to help!  We have also recieved a promise from a company that previously was considered a 'good possibility' to me.  Builders Beyond Borders, an organization based out of Norwalk, CT. that provides service learning trips to high school youth, has chosen my village to visit on two separate occasions in 2009.  Each trip will involve 40 high school students coming and living in my village for a week, working on my aqueduct!  That is a lot of hands!  These two weeks will cut out months of work from the aqueduct schedule and I am tremendously grateful to be recieving their help.  As you can see, they are also committed to monetarily support the project!  Check out their website with the link in the funding sidebar!  It is a very cool thing that they are doing and something that would be great to get my own high school in North Haven involved with!  

So that is the good news with work!  I feel more fulfilled now than any previous moment in my service, mostly become I come home emotionally, and now also physically tired, but in a good way.  I hope everything back home is goin well and I will keep you all updated on our progress.

One happy PCV.

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