Thursday, May 14, 2009

Solar Power-Oiga esso!

Yesterday I took 5 men from my site, who are in the running to be the plumbers when I leave and be in charge of taking care of the whole aqueduct, to Santiago where I purchased our solar pump.  It was really cool.  We set up some solar panels outside the shop, connected up the pump and the controller, and showed these campesinos how renewable energy works!  We pumped water from one bucket of water to another using no batteries at all!  Oiga!  It was cool, my guys seemed to be pretty comfortable with the idea of working with this pump, and I felt great to finally have the meeting of the solar pump and the people it will benefit-my community members.  Seeing, feeling, and touching such a vital part of the aqueduct was a great feeling.  And the owner of the shop was great, offering all the support my community could need as long as they are in business.  Its all coming together!

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