Sunday, August 3, 2008

But life goes on...y todavia 'toy vivo!(and im still alive!)

This is like five days after "la mierda choco el abanico" as they say. And just want to have it recorded that I feel great. I recently went to another volunteers site on the beach for our 3 month security meeting, talked to a whole bunch of good people, and got my head back on straight. Then I went to the inauguration of another volunteer's aqueduct yesterday and it reminded me why I am here. Everyone was so thankful and it was just an amazing event. And in the volunteers thank-you speach she made reference to MANNNNNNYYYYY problems in the road to completion. Its not all rosy, but in the end I came here because I WANT TO and CAN and WILL help these people get water in their house. Its pretty simple, when you forget about all the bickering and fights and whatnot. Im here to help them out. And they aren't supposed to understand that as simply as I do. And that makes me happy the simplicity of it. I wanna help!

Also, Im about to go to a meeting for the youth camp that Im part of, Celebrando Cibao. I will have to choose two kids to go with me. And that aint easy! I made up an 'application form' that the kids had to fill out and write some essays for. That way they have to work a little bit, and I don't just pick my best buddies. And I got five applications back! So now I get to pick who did the best job to come with me! And what do you know--the "future goals" of two young guys who applied are to become mechanical engineers so they can help people improve the lives of other people! Ha, literally, writing this my eyes just teared up. Its the youth that really matter, and really get me going! It was just an awesome reminder that some people really do want me here and are enjoying my time. And me too!!!!

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