Friday, August 15, 2008

Trash to bracelets...this is what you do with a sprained ankle!

Recently I bought a five pesos bracelet from another volunteer. It was made of the little plastic bags that the local colmados put everything in that they sell. It was very Peace Corps (cheap and made of something local) and I thought it was pretty cool. I got back to my site and the kids kept asking where I got it. I told them, and said we could make them if we want. Since then I spent a couple days with kids in my house ripping up all the plastic bags I have to make bracelets. They took the idea even further though. They went out to my back yard and gathered up the trash that is just sitting around, and brought those bags and wrappers in my house and started making them. It was just a little tiny thing, but it was cool to see them so pumped, not bored, and having them clean up trash without even thinking about it. Anyways, now I am rocking four bracelets, all made from trash bags. I just need a market for these homemade crafts...and some buyers who have the day long attention span off my kids. Ha. First Peace Corps profit generation project...done.

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