Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why am I not building a water pipeline yet?

I need your help. This is not just something I am asking for. It is becoming more of a reality every day. I have had awful luck with my grants. I have applied for funding from 6 separate organizations within the country and they have all either told us no or told us yes and then failed to come through. I have also written countless letters and project proposals to political figures and companies that have showed interest in our project. Nothing. It is becoming a slight possibility that I will not receive all of the funding I need for this project in time, and the pipelines may not be finished. I cannot let that happen to these people.

I need whatever little support you can give to my project, and I need it now! The link to the right will take you to the Peace Corps site where you can donate to my aqueduct. That money is untouchable for me until all of the $5000 I initially requested is donated. I know that economic times in the states are terrible for some right now, and that donating is the last thing on your mind. Therefore, I am asking for a very small amount of support. According to my website, I have had 74 visitors to this blog from the US. If each of you could spare $50 from your lives to help me and my community build an aqueduct the $3250 I still need could be covered overnight. Save $5 in a jar daily for ten days and then donate that money. It will mean the world to my community. That $5000 dollars will be enough to start work and keep going for a couple months.

Help me get started with the project my community asked me here to do. Help me bring WATER to PEOPLE. This is not a save the children ad. It is not another dime-a-dozen NGO asking for money that may or may not find its way to people. You all know me. Every dime you give will go directly into pipes and cement and rebar. I grew up in the same town as many of you, North Haven, CT. I have been to Thanksgiving family reunions with many of you in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines, IA. I went to school with many of you in Lewisburg, PA. Now I am living in a small, poor village in the Dominican Republic, and I am asking you to make sure I get water to these people before my two-year service is up. Im asking for support in ending little girls daily trips to the river with heavy buckets. That is all. Thank you all for contributing in whatever small way you can manage. I understand times are not easy. And believe me, my community understands that times are not easy.

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