Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today I went cell phone fishing like I normally do. I typed up a text message, chose the recipient, then hit send and held it up above my head, hoping the ‘Sin Servicio (No Service)’ would change to ‘Claro (Verizon)’ on the screen of my phone. It’s not a quick thing to get signal on my phone. Usually takes about thirty seconds with the phone in the same place to work. Then if I catch signal I need to keep my hand still for another thirty or more seconds to wait for the message to send. If I am lucky enough for that to happen before the screen goes dark, then I wait another thirty seconds or so hoping to get a delivered message receipt. I did all that earlier today while sitting on my hammock, and I felt like my luck was on the up and up. There are very few places in and around my house that have enough signal to send or receive text messages. So it made me incredibly happy! Good day! But then, when I was planning on napping for a while, all I could think of was-If I put my phone back into signal for a little bit will I get a response?! Did the message really get to its recipient? And if it did had they read it yet? In my life in my house, there is not much more exciting than receiving a text message. It is a message from the outside, in English, and it means someone is still thinking about me. Out here in the campo you start to feel forgotten every once in a while. But every day, at some point, I try and drop my DR bought prepaid phone into the small pond of signal outside my house and hope for a big catch.
Feel free to stock the pond-(809) 857-2216

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