Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I love my cat…and I actually feel good to be back!(At this moment)

I can’t really describe how much my cat has been to me since I have been back. It really is, in the words of a fellow PCV cat owner, “unhealthy” how much he makes me happy. When I went to the US of A I had no choice but to leave my cat with another volunteer, Jo. Couldn’t take him with me. I also had a week of Spanish class right before my trip, and right when I got back Russ was here and I wasn’t going to be around much, so I didn’t pick him up until Russ was leaving. All in all I had not seen my cat for almost a month! And Jo did a great job, even got pretty attached to my little buddy, but I wanted my cat back! And honestly, my first three days back in site have been so much better just because of that little animal. When he follows me around on my crutches, I love it. When he looks at me from 20 feet away and sees me looking back he comes running and, if I didn’t have a cast, ha, I might run towards him. We might make one of those movie hugs where the two people come running together and jump into each other’s arms after years apart. (I know, definitely unhealthy) When he chases cockroaches or lizards, I just get a really deep smile and feel like a proud parent. I always find myself worrying where he is if he’s not just purring in my lap or waiting for me to pet him. I love that little thing, and I really don’t know what I would do without him. Probably be a little miserable…

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