Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I swear I will make your money go far!

There are two of my projects up on the Peace Corps website right now and you can donate to them over the internet!

One is my community aqueduct that is desperately in need of money. We have been ready for construction for months, but cannot begin without money! Click the link below or the one on the right sidebar to learn about the project or to donate.

Donate to my Community Aqueduct!

The second is a youth camp that I am involved with. It is scheduled to take place on August 29-31 but will not happen unless all the money requested on the Peace Corps website is donated in time. Click the link below to learn about the project or to donate.

Donate to "Celebrando Cibao" Leadership and Youth Camp!

With each of these website donation links, the problem is that we will not receive a dime of this money before all of that requested has been donated. That is to say, don't be bashful! Don't be shy and think that your contribution won't do enough and you shouldn't even donate. A full day of physical labor in the fields with a machete is valued at just over US$7 in my campo. So literally donating enough for a taxi out to the bar or a footlong sub will be equal to a man chopping and sweating. We have it a bit easier in the states, spread the wealth!

Thanks guys. Take this chance to donate some modest amount from your life and directly see and read the results of what you donated right here on this blog!

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